S. SAFETY. No one has ever lost a penny in fixed index annuities. They are also referred to as “SWAN” accounts (Sleep Well At Night).

P. PERSONAL PENSION. Due to corporate changes, many baby boomers do not have defined pension plans. An Ernst and Young study indicates that 90% of all Americans without a pension could outlive their savings. Get a Guaranteed Monthly Check.

R. RETURN WITHOUT RISK. Get the upside of the market growth without the downside risk (certain restrictions). The worst scenario is to earn ZERO. Remember: Zero is a Hero.

I. INCOME THAT YOU CAN NEVER OUTLIVE. Receive “Permanent” income instead of “Maybe” Income. You can turn on or turn off the income stream as needed. Receive secure income for life that can never be reduced. Purchased riders can offset and often outpace inflation.

N. NO FEES, CHARGES, SURPRISES, GUESSWORK. 100% of your money goes to work for you. If you choose to add enhancement riders, you know upfront what the cost will be. Everything is stated in the contract and can’t be altered.

T. TAX DEFERRAL. By using after tax dollars (non IRA), you choose when to pay taxes on the gain. As long as the interest is not drawn out, no taxes are due. (Taxes will be paid only when withdrawals are made.) This enhances the compounding factor. Most financial professionals will tell you: “Never pay taxes on money you are not using.”

S. SOCIAL SECURITY MAXIMIZATION. Look at strategies to reduce the 85% tax torpedo on social security benefits. More than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 62 years of age EVERY DAY. The decision to begin or delay payments can make a difference of more than $100,000 in many cases. Learn about the 8% guaranteed growth.